PACE Equity's Corporate Team

Accomplish more with the right team

Let us manage the details

Our team of real estate professionals, energy engineers, financial analysts and closing experts deliver experience, expertise, and end-to-end execution of C-PACE financing for your project. You have direct access to decision makers and a team of professionals who are committed to making your experience exceptional.

Our team is diverse, but we all share certain basic values: integrity, respect, perseverance, kindness, and a dedication to our customers and one another. We believe we can impact the world for the better — and we strive to do that every day.

Low Carbon Center of Excellence

This PACE Equity in-house team of engineering professionals perform all energy audits and required reporting for C-PACE financing in your area. Using their extensive experience, they find ways to overcome funding limits and maximize the financing amount and amortization term for your project.

When you pursue CIRRUS Low Carbon financing through PACE Equity, the Low Carbon Center of Excellence team delivers practical and straightforward guidance so you can qualify for the lower rate financing with the lowest possible incremental cost.

Committed to Local

We believe in working locally and building long-term relationships. Work with us and enjoy our people and our world-class end-to-end process.

PACE Field Team Headshots

Managing Director Program

We take our relationships seriously. We offer nationwide coverage with Managing Directors in states that offer PACE legislation. Interested in being part of the team?