Retroactive refinancing for your recently completed projects

Refinance your project with a low-cost, fixed-rate, non-recourse PACE loan

PACE Equity retroactive refinancing is available for projects that are mid-construction or projects that were completed up to 3 years ago, although the guidelines are unique for each state. PACE Equity can retroactively fund a renovation or new construction project using retroactive refinancing. This strategy is especially useful when you are looking for:

How does retroactive financing work?

This option leverages your investment in mid-constuction work or recently completed development projects or building renovations. You can take advantage of all costs for improvements that impact utility spend (HVAC, lighting, windows, etc.), renewable energy measures, and/or resiliency retrofits (seismic, wind). Each state has unique guidelines that outline the availability of this refinancing option. Ask the PACE Equity Managing Director in your state for details on retroactive refinancing.

Our engineers analyze your building improvements and calculate the maximum funding and amortization term possible starting from when the improvements were installed. Your funding amount is based on this retroactive utility (energy/water) savings (about half of the states require it for SIR compliance). With retroactive refinancing, you can leverage the building improvements to acquire funding at lower rates than mezzanine or equity.

Download a case study to find out how others used our retroactive refinancing option.