Commercial Renovation Financing from PACE Equity

Redevelopment, Renovation, Rehab, Retrofit & Renewables

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Have you considered using PACE for commercial renovation financing? PACE Equity provides financing for major renovations, redevelopments, rehabs, retrofits and renewable energy projects. There are many reasons to renovate your building, especially using PACE Equity financing:

  • Lure in new tenants with a newly revitalized, healthier, and more modern living and working spaces
  • Use the energy and maintenance savings you realize from the renovations to help pay off your PACE Equity financing
  •  Meet the requirements for Building Performance Standards that are being implemented in your area
  • Take advantage of federal and local incentives available from the Inflation Reduction Act for upgrades and more efficient buildings
  • Tackle your deferred maintenance backlogs
  • Use PACE funding to install or upgrade efficient or sustainable business process equipment, such as better refrigerants in cold storage facilities or renewable energy for energy-intensive manufacturing plants

Improve your building with efficiency upgrades and resiliency improvements. When you use PACE Equity, you can tie Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges and green building fees to loan repayments. When other lenders aren’t willing to expand an existing construction loan, PACE is a great way to cover the renovation costs. In short, our commercial renovation financing is low-cost and flexible.

Take advantage of our CIRRUS Low Carbon program with even LOWER rates when your commercial redevelopment or renovation project meets our efficiency requirements. We offer a design specification for redevelopments and renovations that is practical; when you meet the specification, you receive our lowest rate. It’s that simple.

Our in-house Low Carbon Team can maximize your funding potential. Since our financing is competitive with bank lending and offers a fixed rate for up to 30 years, it makes sense to maximize the amount of your PACE loan.

Learn more about our financing approach to see if it’s a fit for your commercial renovation project.