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Our Green Building Option

PACE Equity offers an option for a green building designation to go along with your capital stack funding! Our CIRRUS Low Carbon financing includes a lower rate and a green building promotion package & building plaque when you build lower carbon.

Lower rates for Lower Carbon

How does PACE Equity financing work?

What design changes will I have to make to qualify? (Answer: none)

Does this work with TIF, tax credits, etc.? (Answer: yes)

Do I need to hire specialized consultants? (Answer: not with PACE Equity)

How much funding can I get? (Answer: let’s discuss)

There are 87 steps to execute C-PACE financing. Don't worry, we do all 87.

We offer a Fast Track™ Funding process that makes your experience easy from end-to-end.
When everything else was complicated, PACE Equity
stood out as easy
David Crisafi
Principal, Ceres Enterprises
When everything else was complicated,
PACE Equity stood out as easy.
David Crisafi
Principal, Ceres Enterprises

Lenders: What you should know about C-PACE financing.

The Benefits, Answers and Potential of C-PACE Financing from a Lender’s Perspective.

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