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PACE Equity is the leader in C-PACE funding for development projects. We’ve been closing C-PACE deals since the first legislation was available in 2010, and we keep working to improve our customer’s experience. When you work with us, you’ll get a partner focused on you and your seamless experience. We are proud of our 4.85 / 5.0 customer rating because we are passionate about our customers and their successes.


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Why PACE Equity? Hear a customer’s perspective

Unique Fast Track™ Funding

With over 200 projects under our belts, we’ve learned a few things. We created a unique process so you get the most funding and the longest amortization term – every time. Our Fast Track™ Funding provides upfront analysis, a binding commitment, energy engineering, project governance and project funding – all with a seamless end-to-end experience. When we commit to funding, we always deliver. In fact, we have a 100% track record of funding delivery.

We manage the details:

In short, we manage the details. You focus on your project.

Keep in mind, a funding offer is not certain until the required energy study is complete. Work with the company that does that study for you. Be confident of closing, right from the start.

PACE Equity’s capital not only boosted our overall returns, but their Fast Track™ process and engineering prowess made working with them an easy choice.
Ebbie Nakhjavani
Chief Executive Officer, EKN Development Group

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Fast Track™ Funding

Work Directly with the Decision Maker

We have our own fund and make our own investment decisions.

  • You don’t wait for outside approvals.
  • We give binding commitments rather than term sheets
  • You have direct access to decision makers during the underwriting process

Since 2014, we have funded C-PACE projects in innovative ways. We pursue better buildings that improve customer returns. We put the customer at the center of all that we do.

They explained the Fast Track™ process which outlined our expectations… and it all went according to the plan.
Josh Jeffers
Owner, J. Jeffers Company

Lender Consent Across the Capital Stack

We work closely with your senior lender. We help them understand that C-PACE financing doesn’t mean losing any rights or remedies to protect their security interests. In our experience, 8 out of 10 deals at PACE Equity start with primary lenders who are unaware or uncomfortable with C-PACE. If this happens to you, don’t be surprised!

Over 300 lenders across the U.S. (large and small), have already consented to C-PACE in the capital stacks they fund. We’ve talked to lenders hundreds of times and are experts at educating lenders on the merits of C-PACE.

Read our Insights article on Educating Senior Lenders

C-PACE Firsts

PACE Equity is the pioneer in C-PACE funding. We have worked on hundreds of C-PACE projects, and we will work with you on funding for your important projects.

Here are a few of our key wins:

FIRST C-PACE New Construction Projects for:

FIRST C-PACE projects to include:

FIRST C-PACE retroactive refinancing project

FIRST C-PACE projects in many places:

FIRST New Construction C-PACE projects in:

The speed and simplicity of the transaction was excellent. It was an A+.
Jeff Orduno
Chief Operating Officer / Chief Legal Officer
Urban Equity Properties LLC