Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a legislated public/private partnership which creates a new financing option for commercial owners and developers. A construction budget can use our private capital funding for costs which impact energy & water spend, renewable improvements or seismic strengthening (select states). The repayment of our capital is made through a long-term special tax assessment on the property. Our How C-PACE Works page has more details.

PACE Equity provides C-PACE financing with private capital from our own direct fund. We believe in transparency, quality control and thorough underwriting. We require any lender to consent or acknowledge our participation in the project. This consent is not a subordination agreement or intercreditor agreement, it is simply ensuring that you are aware of our participation in the project.

What Are The Benefits to Lenders?

Both the lender and PACE Equity are doing underwriting on the property to ensure the project has adequate cash flow for its obligations. You also have sign-off and control of whether or not to accept PACE Equity financing.

In order for PACE Equity to be involved, there has to be an improvement to the property, which increases the collateral value. After the project, it is a more valuable building with lower long-term operating costs.

You’re able to differentiate yourself from competitors by partnering with PACE Equity. You can bring in a capital source for future clients, as well as have a competitive advantage for potential clients.

Join over 300 Lenders Who Have Already Consented to PACE financing for Construction Projects

Offering a formulaic approach for your developer clients is a win/win. They can build their capital stack with your construction loan and PACE Equity low-cost, long-term, non-recourse funding.

Learn more about how and why PACE Equity is the answer to your client’s project funding.

An energy study is required to qualify for PACE Equity financing and will quantify the utility savings and other benefits of the improvements. The energy modeling looks at current utility spend or will use a building model based on local code.

There will be an outstanding tax bill and a substantial amount of time allowed to get any outstanding back payments up to date. This is often multiple years. A great protection for lenders is that we have no way of calling the principal balance in the event of a default. The only payment obligation is the amount due at that time, not future payments or principal. In the case of a missed payment, PACE Equity asset management would generally be reaching out to the lender to ensure they are aware of outstanding balance if it is not made within a reasonable timeframe of being due.

Not at all. You maintain complete autonomy to call a default and foreclose, and your security interest is protected. You do not need to involve us in a foreclosure.

Preferred Lender Program

Join the PACE Equity Preferred Lender Program and stand out from the rest. Provide us some details so we understand your business and how it could fit with ours. Over 300 lenders have already approved C-PACE participation.

We recommend our Preferred Lenders when our clients are looking for construction loans. No cost to participate.

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