PACE Equity’s mission is simple: to leverage the power of C-PACE financing to help our customers achieve financial success. At PACE Equity, financial success and climate success go hand-in-hand. That’s why we are incredibly proud of the results we are sharing in our 2023 PACE Equity Impact Report.

This report will share the tangible environmental impact of PACE Equity’s financed projects. From Energy Use Intensity (EUI) to carbon emissions, each and every metric tells our story.

PACE Equity’s impact goes beyond traditional C-PACE financing. At PACE Equity, we innovate for impact. In 2022, we established the only private financial product to offer a lower cost of capital when you build a lower carbon building – CIRRUS Low Carbon. The CIRRUS Low Carbon developments have gone above and beyond standard building practices to earn CIRRUS Low Carbon verification while delivering bigger impacts for the developer and the planet. 

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