Beau Engman

Founder & President

Beau Engman is recognized as a leader in the drive for sustainability in the built environment. Through top level executive roles with the nation’s largest energy service company, non-profits, and prominent private equity firms, Beau has consistently lead efforts to break down barriers to energy efficiency in the private sector.

In addition to serving as the founder of PACE Equity, Beau serves on the board of PACENow, a non-profit organization focused on promoting and implementing PACE around the country.

Previously, Beau was Vice President of Commercial Energy Solutions for Johnson Controls, managing the delivery of energy efficiency solutions to Global 1000 and commercial real estate companies across North America. Before joining Johnson Controls, Beau was co-founder of E2 Capital Partners, a private equity backed provider of financing solutions for energy efficiency projects within major commercial and industrial enterprises.

Prior to working in the Energy Efficiency Industry, Beau was CEO of two software businesses that were both independently sold to public companies. Beau was CEO of BuildTopia, the most widely used web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for the residential construction Industry which sold to Constellation Software in 2010, as well as the founder of HomeWrite, a web based home management system sold to in 2001.

Beau graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in Finance and International Business and currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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