Jason Stringer

Vice President, Originations and Strategic Solutions

Jason Stringer is the Vice President of Originations and Strategic Solutions at PACE Equity.  

Jason has been an active leader in the PACE market since 2015. As an administrator, he spearheaded the development of PACE Wisconsin and the Illinois Energy Conservation Authority (IECA) to bring innovative C-PACE financing to both states. Across the country, Jason has lent his expertise to up-and-coming PACE programs and administrators as an advisor. He is experienced in both the administrative and origination aspects of C-PACE.  

At PACE Equity, Jason works with the origination and execution teams supporting market leaders on business development, converting PACE Financing opportunities, program compliance, technology & tools and market leader development. He is a strategic resource for sizing and structuring standard and CIRRUS Low Carbon PACE financing opportunities to increase adoption.

Jason has over two decades of professional experience in real estate and clean energy finance. His experience includes real estate finance, project development, municipal relations, and PACE program administration.  

Jason earned a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master’s in Real Estate & Urban Land Economics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He spends his free time with his wife and four children on a hike or XC skiing.

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