Design Guidance

Ready to have your cake and eat it too? PACE Equity offers the CIRRUS Low Carbon program that includes a practical design specification along with a significantly lower interest rate. This results in improved NOI and project returns – plus a long-term boost to property value. 

How does Design Guidance work? 

We offer (at no additional cost) an Engineer and Building Optimization professional to support your design team. Our Engineer will provide specific and thoughtful guidance for the energy and water-consuming systems in the building (HVAC, hot water heating, lighting, envelope, etc.) with the goal of meeting the CIRRUS Low Carbon design specification at the lowest incremental cost. This Design Guidance is part of the service at PACE Equity when you sign a funding commitment. 

Plan Ahead to Get the Best Rates 

Start your conversation with a PACE Equity Managing Director at any point in the design process – from schematic drawings to full construction drawings. After gathering initial information about your project, we issue you a funding commitment that includes our unique Design Guidance service. This will ensure that your final design meets our CIRRUS Low Carbon requirements, so you are confident of securing our low carbon rate. 

Based on the last 10 projects we’ve reviewed for the CIRRUS Low Carbon program, here is what we delivered: 

  • Average incremental cost to meet design specification: 0.2% of hard cost budget 
  • Average ratio of incremental costs to financial benefits: 12:1 
  • Carbon Impact to Date: 37,233 Metric Tons 

Question: “I want the CIRRUS Low Carbon rate but how do I ensure my design will qualify?” 

Answer: Design Guidance. We’ll analyze your drawings after you sign a PACE Equity funding commitment and outline the specifics of how you can qualify.