Tyler Parbs Podcast

Design Guidance, in particular, really made the qualification process very easy

Colman Yards, an $11 million major redevelopment project in Rockford, Illinois, is the newest addition to the CIRRUS Low Carbon family. CIRRUS Low Carbon is an innovation of PACE Equity that offers a significant rate reduction for projects that reach the practical low carbon specification. PACE Equity even provides the engineering support to help developers achieve the rate.

This CIRRUS Low Carbon project is transforming the historic Barber-Colman manufacturing plant into a thriving addition to the community. The campus will include modern apartments, retail locations, recreation, and public green spaces.

Tyler Parbs, Vice President of Investments for J. Jeffers & Co., the developers of the Colman Yards project, described the project this way:

“The project was designed with a low carbon intention. And this was a great opportunity to transform an entire campus that was once a significant carbon emitter into a brand new […] neighborhood for the community and its residents to enjoy.”

The Colman Yards project is a standout success for CIRRUS Low Carbon. Compared to baseline building conditions and IECC 2018 code, improvements in energy efficiency measures are predicted to save over $250,000 per year in energy costs. Over the weighted average life of the project’s improvements, that is over $15.6 million.

Watch the rest of our interview with Tyler in the video above.

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