PACE Loans in the State of New York

New York Managing Director

PACE Equity Funds Local Developments

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a legislated public/ private partnership that was approved in New York as a financing tool to encourage energy efficiency with long-term, low-rate, non-recourse funds. Your construction budget can use our private capital funding for costs which impact energy & water spend, renewable improvements or resiliency measures. The repayment of our capital is made through a long-term special tax assessment on the property, making it transferable with the property.

We also offer a unique program called CIRRUS Low Carbon which provides a significant rate reduction when you meet a low carbon design specification. The program uses PACE financing, with all of the features that make it a smart capital option yet incentivizes a slightly more efficient design with improved financial returns. Design your building to meet the specification, receive the lower rate, and receive a great promotional package to position your building as a low carbon property.

PACE Financing Expert

Eli Terry is our New York Managing Director. Eli has over a decade of experience in the real estate financial service industry and specializes in structuring the capital stack of real estate projects. He takes pride in helping his customers achieve their strategic objectives and achieve the optimal capitalization for their projects. Reach out to him to schedule a meeting and discuss your next project.

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Local PACE Programs

PACE Equity funded the first new construction C-PACE property in the state of New York. New York State offers PACE Equity financing through the EIC OPEN C-PACE program. PACE Equity financing is available for multifamily, commercial, industrial, and other property types that meet or exceed energy efficiency standards set by the New York State Stretch Energy Code. Acquiring PACE Equity financing is a great way to ensure NYC Local Law 97 Compliance. PACE Equity’s experienced Energy Engineering and Building Optimization Teams take care of the energy audit and program application. Our streamlined process carries you through from end-to-end.

Relevant PACE Equity Case Studies for the State of New York

Here are some recent case studies of projects you might find interesting. We’ve got more project stories that show the many ways we’ve helped deliver PACE financing.