PACE Equity Offers Low Carbon Center of Excellence

Image of Engineers at work

Extensive experience paired with practical guidance

PACE Equity is a pioneer in the C-PACE industry; we continue to innovate with our Low Carbon Center of Excellence. Every C-PACE project requires an energy study which is the basis for calculating all available funding as well as amortization term. We help clients maximize their funding potential and term length by offering that energy engineering expertise in-house. No more searching for available vendors that may or may not have any experience with the programs and PACE reporting requirements in your area. 

When you pursue CIRRUS Low Carbon financing through PACE Equity, you can qualify for lower rates when you build to a lower carbon building design. Our Low Carbon Center of Excellence delivers practical and straightforward guidance so you can qualify for the lower rate at the lowest possible incremental cost.  

Our approach to engineering, optimization, and design guidance comes from decades of experience of our tenured professionals. Team member experiences at large corporations such as Johnson Controls and Honeywell provided deep knowledge in large energy retrofits, OEM product management, global branding, utility reporting & tracking, and vertical market energy optimization. Our team of professionals offers diverse backgrounds and practical suggestions for your next project. 

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