Financing & Project Solutions
for Equipment Replacement, Redevelopment & New Construction Projects

PACE Equity has the experience and expertise to help building owners and developers obtain new & innovative financing. 


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The Laacke & Joys Building in Milwaukee, WI was a manufacturing facility converted to an office complex using a capital stack including PACE Equity financing.

The redevlopment and new construction plan totaled $33 million, creating a 5-story, 106,000 square foot Class A office space overlooking the Milwaukee River. The PACE Equity portion of the project accounts for over $2.2 million of the total scope.


Our number one goal is to provide funding for equipment replacement, redevelopment and new construction projects. We provide any or all of the following steps to make that possible:

Project Governance

Representation for Owners and Developers.jpg

Representation for Owners and Developers

PACE Equity is experienced in providing owners and developers representation having worked on 125 projects. PACE Equity will set objectives for the project and manage the project around achieving those objectives.


Commitment to Approvals

Commitment to Approvals

We will manage the approvals process to receive mortgage lender consent, program approval and a commitment to financing for your project. These approvals are key requirements for closing on a PACE project and are often some of the most challenging items to complete.

PACE Program Experience and Expertise

PACE Program Experience & Expertise

We've developed and implemented building improvement projects throughout the U.S. and have played a major role in developing PACE markets across the nation. We have an active relationship in all PACE districts. 


Energy Engineering

Preliminary Analysis

Preliminary Analysis

At the beginning of the project development lifecycle, PACE Equity analyzes the building to build the business case, which includes a description of scope (energy savings measures) along with estimated savings.

Guarantee of Energy Savings and Positive Cash Flow

Guarantee of Energy Savings

In PACE markets that require guarantees, PACE Equity will guarantee the energy performance of projects. Our objective is to reduce the risk associated with the energy savings, and the corresponding cost of the guarantee.

Development of Energy Models

Development of Energy Models

Depending on the complexity of the project, PACE Equity will develop building energy usage models to determine the most effective combination of measures to implement. This is generally an ASHRAE II-III Investment Grade Audit.

Expertise On Rebates and Incentives .jpg

Expertise On Rebates and Incentives

PACE Equity obtains rebates and incentives to improve project economics for our clients.  We have extensive experience working with local utilities throughout the U.S. to obtain both custom and prescriptive rebates.


Project Development Funding

Project Development Funding

When working with PACE Equity's turnkey service, clients are eligible to have all pre-closing costs covered by PACE Equity and included in the PACE financing. This capability provides a unique advantage to building owners and developers as there are truly zero out of pocket costs to develop projects.

PACE Financing

PACE Financing

PACE Equity has raised $300m of dedicated funds for  financing PACE projects. We can provide commitments to fund the project during the project development process.

 PACE Equity is dedicated to serving our clients through each step of the funding process.

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