Ethan Elser, VP of PACE Equity, shares more about PACE Equity's national presence with local leadership in this short video: 


PACE Equity Market Leader Program. PACE Equity is the leading project developer and funder of CPACE projects on a national basis. One of our company differentiators is that we have a local on the ground presence in each state where PACE is available. PACE Equity is seeking local directors to represent us in these different markets. We are seeking individuals who have a background in commercial real estate, banking, energy efficiency and more. 

The Market. The market for PACE financing is roughly doubling in size every year and has tremendous velocity. Even with that, it is still a new and innovative space. PACE allows for private capital to fund existing building equipment replacement to increase cash flow or serves as a tool for developers doing redevelopment and new construction projects. The demand for this financing is growing rapidly and so is PACE Equity. To put just one part of the business in context, it is estimated that 70% of the building stock in the US is privately owned and has not been renovated in 20 years.
What does PACE Equity Provide? PACE Equity is in the business of enabling building owners and real estate developers to do PACE projects. We do all of the work required to do the project and fund it out of our $300m capital facility that we raised. For a Market Leader, we provide all of the framework, tools, marketing materials, support and project capital for you to build a long term successful business. 

To learn more about becoming a PACE Equity Market Leader, contact Kim Lyden.

Phone: 855-378-0858

Email: klyden@pace-equity.com

PACE Equity currently has local leaders in these PACE areas:

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