PACE Equity believes in the power of C-PACE financing to help our customers achieve financial success. We strive to improve our planet by helping customers develop sustainable projects that maximize energy savings and reduce carbon emissions while improving financial outcomes. We are committed to leading the use of C-PACE financing to improve buildings and our world.

  1. Increase internal rate of return (IRR).
  2. Increase your Net Operating Income and property value.
  3. Replace expensive mezzanine.
  4. Use less of your own equity.
  5. Reduce your personal risk with non-recourse funding.
  6. Avoid diluting your ownership from outside equity.
  7. Lower your WACC.
  8. Work with local contacts.
  9. Earn an even lower rate if you improve the efficiency of your building (and we help you make it happen).
  10. Relax. We manage the process from end-to-end.