Jordan Haas - Arkansas Managing Director

Jordan Haas has over 11 years of experience partnering with residential and commercial building owners to develop real estate projects and identify solutions for their facility needs. His experience combines project administration, energy efficiency, renewable energy, real estate & property management, and loan originating.

Jordan is the Arkansas Managing Director for PACE Equity.

He is the founder of Jordan Inc., – the first B Corporation in Arkansas dedicated to sustainable real estate & property management, energy efficiency and renewable energy.  Jordan is Chief Executive Officer of the company, coordinating: administration, financing, and marketing of real estate & property management, energy improvement, and renewable energy projects.

Previously, Jordan served as president of the Landlord Association of Little Rock, Arkansas and served as Property Manager at Flake & Kelley Commercial – the largest commercial property management company in Arkansas.

Jordan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from University of Central Arkansas and his MBA from University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR).

Phone:  501.404.0497




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