Beau Eckstein

Nevada Managing Director

Beau Eckstein is a Managing Director for PACE Equity, providing funding for new commercial real estate developments and large-scale retrofits and rehabilitation projects for the State of Nevada. Beau is also a licensed California Broker, Nevada Salesperson and trained mediator.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he has sold real estate as a licensed broker, originated conventional mortgages, and arranged hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate transactions for commercial financing, construction loans, and bridge deals. He specializes in team building, bringing together experts from different fields to fully establish and meet the needs of every client. His extensive network of banks, credit union and private debt fund partners help his clients get to the finish line with their projects.

Beau also leads a real estate investment club on Facebook and hosts a thriving podcast featuring the financial expertise of his guests and his own wealth of experience. Beau volunteered with Social Services as a Mediator for Conflict Resolution Programs, helping resolve issues through meaningful conversations. His passion and aptitude for service and personal relationships have defined his career.

Recently, he re-located from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas, Nevada. In his spare time, he enjoys running real estate investing workshops, exercising, and hiking with his wife.

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