Funding for Equipment Replacement for Building Owners

The financing solution that helps keep your tenants, pays for itself and keeps your capital focused on opportunities, not mechanicals.


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Create positive cash flow, improve building value, and avoid out-of-pocket costs with PACE Equity.   We have the money you need combined with the proven processes to make it happen simply.  Contact us today.


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PACE Equity provided 100% of the funds for the project & provided savings of 30% of utility spend

This project for Cambridge Engineering Inc. required funding for improvements including:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Roof Replacement

This project was a win/win. Cambridge was able to complete their objectives without tying up additional capital in their building.  PACE Equity financed $610,000 for the project, which reduced their utility bills by 30%, provided positive cash flow on the mechanical portion and addressed a large capex need with a roof replacement. PACE Equity provided project governance, energy engineering and funding.

Read the story here.
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PACE Equity’s solution is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

You know what deferred maintenance your building has but you don't have the money set aside to pay for it. 

Here is what PACE Equity's financing can do:


Building Owner - Increase cash flow - net operating income Icon.pngINCREASE CASH FLOW & NOI

Make your building more valuable, immediately. The investments made using PACE can create positive cash flow to immediately improve the net operating income of the building.

When leveraging PACE funding in a long term investment situation,  building owners can change their upfront purchasing criteria. Looking at building systems from a total cost of ownership perspective, PACE can save millions of dollars over the life of the building.

Attract and retain tenants Icon - Building Owner.pngATTRACT & RETAIN TENANTS

Without putting up your own money,  retain the excellent tenants in your building while creating a better space to attract additional tenants.

You have an older building with deferred maintenance, your tenants are threatening to leave without renovations and you can't lease your building.  PACE Equity's financing gets you additional capital to renovate your building and stay competitive in the market place.  

Building Owner - pass on costs to tenants Icon.png


The improvements will result in reduced utility usage which will benefit the tenants or owner.  The capital is repaid through a special tax assessment on the property which can be passed directly to tenants.  This capability has the effect of dramatically reducing the cost of capital to fund necessary improvements.


long term, fixed rate, non-recourse capital Icon - Building Owner.pngLONG TERM, FIXED RATE, NON-RECOURSE CAPITAL

PACE Equity's financing is a fixed rate for the entire term which is typically 20 years.  The capital we provide does not require a personal guarantee making it non-recourse.  

Building Owner - Replace failing equipment Icon.png

Many buildings have deferred maintenance and old equipment that is at the end of its useful life. Unplanned equipment replacement is a key concern that can be mitigated by proactively implementing whole-building improvements with PACE financing.

Reduce or eliminate out of pocket costs Icon - Building Owner.pngREDUCE OR ELIMINATE OUT OF POCKET COSTS

PACE Equity provides a turnkey financing solution that covers all design, installation and long-term financing costs. Learn more about PACE Equity's solutions.

Here's a short video about how PACE financing works for building owners. 

Contact PACE Equity to learn about the financial benefits you could have through PACE.