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PACE Equity has been providing C-PACE funding leadership since 2014. We have built a reputation for excellence with our Fast Track™ Funding and customer-centric approach. We have a 100% funding delivery record on our commitments and have invested over $200 million and enabled $225 million in energy and operational savings.

Better financing for better buildings

Lower rate when you develop your next project with low carbon in mind. We figured out how to make low carbon development financially beneficial and we provide the tools to promote your green building.

How much funding can I get for my project?

Give us a few project details and we’ll outline the potential funding for your next project. You’ll like what you see.

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Build a local business with Training, Leads, Technology, T&E, Financial Support and more.

We were impressed with the PACE Equity team from the very beginning. They communicated with our lending partner providing vital information and expertise on how the PACE program is designed. When the Fast Track™ Funding team took over, they made it easy. We put the entire team on an accelerated timeline and they exceeded expectations. It was a class act through the entire process. We look forward to utilizing PACE Equity for our future projects.
Curtis Leick, Senior Financial Analyst
Sower Capital