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25May 2021

Coming Out Ahead with Solar – Really!

PACE Equity Finances Renewable Improvements:   Commercial property owners, managers and developers continually look for ways to increase property values, reduce operating expenses AND improve IRR. By investing in a renewable energy solar photovoltaic system, you can achieve these goals AND make a double-digit return on your investment while also […]
13Apr 2021

Educating Senior Lenders about PACE Financing

As more states enable PACE financing, building owners and developers are increasingly turning to this innovative financing solution to lower their WACC and boost their IRR. Since PACE financing is still relatively new in many states, we often hear from clients that their mortgage lender is not familiar with PACE financing or has declined to […]
03Mar 2021

Solving Escalating WACC and Burdensome Equity Requirements

This is an interesting time for commercial real estate development. Commercial needs are shifting, and we are all thinking about the future and what economic recovery will bring. The development fundamentals of available labor and market share are still strong – a good sign – developers still desire to build. The challenge is the pullback in […]
26Jan 2021

How much funding can I get for my development project?

With over 200 projects under our belts, we’ve learned a few things. We’ve learned that there is one proven way to maximize the amount of available funding and we’ve got the process to get it right, every time. We call the process our Fast Track™ Funding process, but it isn’t all about speed. It is about sizing correctly, so you get both the […]
19Oct 2020

Retroactive Refinancing: How PACE Equity can help fund your recently completed renovation or development project

How can I get liquidity out of my project? How can I qualify for financing if I’ve completed my project? How can I obtain additional financing for cost overruns? The answer to these questions is Retroactive Refinancing from PACE Equity. What is the funding mechanism?  PACE Equity offers financing and end to end execution to leverage a legislated […]
28Sep 2020

SIR Compliance: How PACE Equity can Overcome Limitations to Meet your Funding Needs

In over half of the states in which PACE Equity funds projects, there are specific energy savings requirements to utilize our capital. The Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR) requirement is a requirement of energy savings in order to fund a certain amount. This is known as SIR Compliance. In some states, SIR Compliance requires that energy savings […]
23Jul 2019

PACE Equity Featured as Thought Leader for Hotel Construction Financing at Meet the Money

Ethan Elser, Executive Vice President of PACE Equity, shared his expertise on hotel construction financing during the “Construction financing today” session at Meet the Money 2019 alongside a panel of hospitality lenders featured in “Hotel News Now.”   PACE Equity funding for new hotel construction, redevelopment, PIPs and capex projects is […]
23Apr 2019

Watch this PACENation Webinar on "PACE for New Construction," featuring our Vice President, Ethan Elser

    PACE Equity financing supplies developers across multiple asset classes with a unique, proven way to replace expensive capital or fill a gap in the capital stack, while increasing the investor return rate.
10Oct 2018

How To Finance Brownfield Developments Using C-PACE

I recently spoke at the 2018 Rhode Island Infrastructure Summit on the important topic of Accelerating Clean Energy Projects on Brownfield Properties. Brownfield sites have been gaining traction as federal and local governments work to transform these properties from environmental challenges to positive producers for local economies. Accelerating […]
20Sep 2018

How To Complete Development Projects in Ohio Using PACE Equity

Lowering the cost of your capital can mean the difference between pursuing a project and forgoing an opportunity. Whether you are developing a new commercial property or updating a current one, new and innovative funding sources you can apply to your project are always welcome. PACE Equity’s funding is a new source of lower cost capital. Complex […]

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